At some point, you will have to deal with your landlord or property agency.

Your responsibilities are:
  • To report the need for repairs promptly and in writing is best
  • Avoid maliciously damaging the property
  • Minor maintenance (new light bulbs, unblocking sinks that have been filled with rice etc!)
  • Cleaning fixtures and fittings.
Your landlord’s/ agency’s responsibilities are:
  • Keeping the structure and exterior of the house in good repair
  • Keeping toilets, drains, water supply, heating and the heating system of the rooms, in good repair
  • Installations and certification for gas and electricity supplies.


If you have problems with any of these, it is best to act swiftly and notify the landlord or agency immediately.

You should be reasonable about what is requested and how long it will take to carry out. If your landlord does not carry out the repair in a reasonable time, then seek advice.