We want to help you keep as much of your deposit as possible…

If we have to make deductions from our tenants’ deposits, it’s normally because we’re having to spend time organising repairs to damages etc. This takes time and costs us money in administration fees.  We’ve put together this guide to help our tenants avoid charges.


Pay your rent on time

Each time you don’t pay your rent on time, you could incur interest interest at the rate of 3% per annum above the Bank of England base rate from time to time on any rent or other money payable under your contract. We therefore ask that our tenants pay their rent by direct debit – this should help you make sure your payments are on time.  We are unable to return any deposits until all rent arrears are paid.

Pay your utilities

To make sure future tenants of the property aren’t harassed by debt collectors or threatening letters, we will ask all our tenants to provide proof of payment for their utilities bills (gas, electricity, water).  Be sure to keep on top of your utilities bills by checking your meter usage. This should help avoid large bills arriving at the end of your tenancy.

Don’t use blue-tac

We know that empty walls are boring and you want to make your house a home. However, you can do this without using blue-tac. It leaves greasy marks on the walls, and doesn’t look nice for the next tenants. If you use blue-tac on your walls you may be charged around £25 per hour for decoration as we will have to have them repainted when you move out. An excellent alternative is Poster Tape, which is cheap and won’t leave any marks.


Microwaves can easily go rusty if they’re not looked after. The moisture generated by cooking in a microwave can condense and collect in the microwave, which can lead to rust if not aired or dried out properly. To avoid us having to replace the appliance due to rust, make sure to keep the microwave vents clear, and use a cloth or kitchen towel to dry it after you’ve used it.  It also helps to keep the door ajar for a while after use.

Keep on top of cleaning

It’s a lot easier to clean your house at the end of your tenancy if you’ve kept on top of it throughout the year. In some cases (e.g. your oven, grouting around tiles, or silicone around sinks and baths), failing to clean throughout the year can cause irreparable damage.  This can result in additional charges – for example, if we have to reapply silicone around your sink or bath because a lack of cleaning has left it mouldy, the charge will be approximately £20 per hour+ material.

Setting up a cleaning rota with you and your housemates is a good way of making sure the cleaning is fairly shared out between everyone.  For an additional fee, we are also able to provide a regular cleaning service to your house. For more information, please contact us.


If gardening equipment is provided for you, it means you are expected to maintain your garden. If you leave it to the last minute, the job will be a lot harder – in some cases it will actually be impossible, as cutting grass over a certain length will not be possible with an ordinary lawn mower.  Keep on top of it, and not only will it be an easy job, but you’ll have the benefit of a nice outdoor space to enjoy as well.

Remember, we don’t want to have lots left to do after you check out – following these tips will mean less work for us at the end of your contract, which in turn means fewer charges.