At some point, you will have to deal with your landlord or property agency.

Your responsibilities are:
  • To report the need for repairs promptly and in writing is best
  • Avoid maliciously damaging the property
  • Minor maintenance (new light bulbs, unblocking sinks etc!)
  • Cleaning fixtures and fittings.
Your landlord’s/ agency’s responsibilities are:
  • Keeping the structure and exterior of the house in good repair
  • Keeping toilets, drains, water supply, heating and the heating system of the rooms, in good repair
  • Installations and certification for gas and electricity installation.

If you have problems with any of these, it is best to act swiftly and notify the landlord or agency immediately.

You should be reasonable about what is requested and how long it will take to carry out. If your landlord does not carry out the repair in a reasonable time, then seek advice.

Our Complaints Procedure

As a member of The Property Ombudsman Service (TPOS), we aim to provide the highest standard of service to all our Residential Lettings and Property Management customers.

In order to ensure that your interests are safeguarded, we have put into place a complaints procedure that we will follow in dealing with your complaint, and this is in line with The Property Ombudsman’s Code of Practice. Our aim is to handle any issues or concerns as quickly as possible; in order to achieve this we will, wherever we can, try and resolve your issue at Branch level or within the Property Management Team.

Stage 1 – Area Director or Property Management Manager in conjunction with the Lettings Branch:

All complaints should, in the first instance, be directed to Abi Waycott: [email protected]. She will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days of receipt, and following a full investigation you will receive a written response within 15 working days.

Stage 2 – Company Final View Point – Customer Relations Manager or Head of Lettings:

Should the concerns raised still remain, or if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of Abi Waycott handling of the complaint at Stage 1, you may escalate the complaint by writing to our Director, Kian Toussimanesh: [email protected].

He will acknowledge your escalated complaint within 3 working days. A full review of the complaint will be undertaken, including how it has been handled to date, which may require further investigation into the background of the concerns.

Within 15 working days from receipt of the escalation, the findings and recommendations will be set out, in writing, as a ‘final viewpoint’ on how it is believed the complaint can be resolved.

Stage 3 – The Property Ombudsman:

If you are not satisfied following the receipt of the company’s final viewpoint, you may approach:

The Property Ombudsman Ltd

Milford House

43-45 Milford Street




01722 333 306

Details of how to do this are contained within the final viewpoint letter, alongside a link to the TPOS consumer guide at If you wish to contact TPOS, it must be done within 12 months of the date of the final viewpoint letter. It is important to note, TPOS will not consider a complaint until our internal complaints procedure has been exhausted.