If you are new to renting, it can be a daunting and stressful experience. I’m a Tenant myself, but luckily work in the Industry so know what and who to ask.

When you initially call a Letting Agent to book-in a viewing, expect to be asked a series of relatively personal questions. This isn’t because they are nosy, this is to make sure that you qualify for the property. Rest assured, the Agent is looking after your best interests so they do not waste your time. Once the viewing is booked, ask for a confirmation email with the property address so that you know exactly where you are going. Agents often have very busy diaries so may not be able to hang around if you get lost.

Once on the viewing it is good to ask who manages the property – The Agent or Landlord? This will help clarify who you will need to pay rent and report issues to. It is also important to ask if the Landlord plans to let long term and the fixed term of the initial Tenancy. Remember, six or seven months goes by very quickly, so I would always advise a 12-Month Fixed Term Tenancy if you want security.

Next, ask what Council Tax band the property falls under. That way, there will be no nasty surprises when the first bill comes in. You can also ask what the EPC rating is which will give you a rough idea of gas and electricity costs. Rating A is the most energy efficient and banding can legally be no lower than E.

I would also ask if there are any extra clauses or conditions that you should be aware of, for example, a Professional Cleaning Clause. Areas of the property can also be excluded so you may not have use of the loft space or garage – always check, never assume.

Once you have found the perfect home, BE HONEST on your Application. The Agent or Referencing Company will always find out. I have come across so many Tenants who have lied and then lost fees, effort and time. Most Agents are fair, and will speak to the Landlord about any potential issues before making a decision.

My only further advice is to look after your home once you have moved in. Lettings Agents do not want to keep your deposit and they cannot make a profit out of any deductions. We would much prefer to have a straightforward and easy Check Out, releasing your full deposit back to you. The misconception is that Agents revel in taking money, which is certainly not the case as it causes us far more work!

Now that you’re prepped, you can start your search for the perfect home. Click the link to see what properties we have on offer here at 2C: https://www.2cproperties.com/properties/

Happy hunting – Frankie Bath, Lettings Manager @ 2C Properties